Wolf Bikini Armor – TMB

Author: Robton | Posted: 20th March 2016 | Posted in: Skyrim, Tiddy McButt


Requires the Wolf Bikini Armor to work. This conversion has TBBP Support and Weightslider Support. TBBP needs a compatible skeleton, like XPMSE.

This conversion is for the TMB Body, and requires either that or any other UNP BASED body and body texture to work properly.

To get the stuff in-game, go to Alvor’s forge in Riverwood. Then grab the crafting manual located there. When you got the manual in your inventory you’ll be able to craft all pieces on any forge.



Install the original mod and it’s requirements

NMM or MO: Overwrite(not replace) with my files.

Manual: Open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.


NMM or MO: Reverse the installation process.

Manual: Delete the files you added, check the archive to know which ones.


20.3.2016: Updated to TMB V4

05.1.2016: A breastplate and new fur cape was added.


nisetanaka and kofman77


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  • SuperSurferDave says:

    Is the neck guard and or fur cape suppose to be separated from the neck? There’s a small gap from the body

  • petr posířil says:

    překrásná práce.klobouk dolů.stáhnul jsem si vaše brnění a nainstloval. přesto se mi knihy a brnění neobjevuje ve hře.

  • 0xzz says:

    hey the skin of your char in the screenshots looks amazing, what texture mod are you using??

    • Robton Robton says:

      I refer to my new About page/FAQ

    • Sunny says:

      Superbly iltuminaling data here, thanks!

    • Tasapaino kuulostaa hyvältä ruokahommissakin. Onhan näiden superfoodien kanssa näpertely eräänlaista harrastamista ja ainakin minä saan siitä jotain kummallista henkistä tyydytystä kun lisään banaani-mustikka pirtelöön mystistä tummaa jauhetta, joka kaiken lisäksi terveyttä ja suorituskykyä edistävää, ainakin teoriatasolla.

    • · I’m not long out of bed, sipping on a hot cup of creamy coffee and wanting a slice of this quiche for my breakfast! I have no planned adventures on the books for this weekend, but I’m hoping an unexpected adventure involving the beach might pop up!

  • sniperdoc says:

    Hey… I think the images got messed up by the Falmer image uploads…

  • sniperdoc says:

    Hey, that link to the Nexus version doesn’t work. Maybe that person removed it since you put yours up?

  • Chan says:

    Thanks! Looks great

  • sniperdoc says:

    Glorious! Nice new character!

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