Warfare Armor

Author: m0ckin9bird | Posted: 04th October 2017 | Posted in: m0ckin9bird, Skyrim


I started making this after watching 300 rise of an empire, it has passed  through several states and parts. This is the final result not perfect but here you go…

Modular light armor. Craftable under Ebony category or summonable.
Only size 0 for now.

Items are summonable with the console typing help warfare

If there is any issues contact me here.



NMM or MO: Overwrite(not replace) with my files.

Manual: Open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.


NMM or MO: Reverse the installation process.

Manual: Delete the files you added, check the archive to know which ones.


04.10.2017 – Initial Release


If you want to use any part of my mods in your mod, contact me here first.


I have only tweaked textures and meshes and put everything together. The original parts are from:

Blade Dancer 
WOTW skirt
Salome skirt
Keaira armour gloves & blades 
Scarletdawn straps 
Dark Discipline 


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  • anasio100 says:

    what about the model is it a follower

  • .D A F T. says:

    Looks pretty good!

    Keep it up yeah?

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