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These are vanilla armors and clothes converted to my TMB body. This is NOT Bodyslide/UUNP files, I don’t have any plans on doing any UUNP/Bodyslide version.

This pack is a made for my bodymod TMB, which is based on UNP. Meaning it will work with any UNP based body, no problem (Not CBBE). But it will have the shape of TMB when equipped. Also I don’t use UUNP personally, so no UUNP version will come from me. This is 99% vanilla armors and UNP minidresses converted to TMB, there are most likely uunp conversions for them already somewhere. If this still don’t make any sense to you, I recommend experimenting more with mods from easier-to-use sites like nexus to learn. You’ll get much better support there.

There is TBBP support where due, which means it is boob bounce on outfits it fits on, same with butt bounce. I don’t do bouncing inside a steel cuirass for example, it doesn’t look right. This is the same practice I use on my regular conversions.

This means, like my other work, this requires an TBBP/HDT Compatible skeleton like XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (which I recommend using anyways).

BTW, if you choose anything from the Spice Gear or UNP Minidresses packs, Tiwa’s no-underwear patch from the original mods should work just fine with this mod.




NMM or MO: Install using the installer I made. Easy-peasy.



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  • Phoebe Whiteway said:

    I am unsure how to download this since I usually do not download mods manually, I use Nexus Mod Manager.

  • robton said:

    This IS for LE

  • Phoebe Whiteway said:

    Does this work with the Legendary Skyrim?

  • Akela said:

    Skyrim will crush when i equip armor after this retextures( sorry for my bad english(((

  • robton said:

    It shouldn’t,but it’s only one way to find out 😉

  • Domastir D'Morte said:

    Good day.
    Can you please tell me if there are conflicts with the modifications of Clothing and Clutter Fixes and Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade?

  • robton said:

    souns like you dont have the required skeleton, check if anything overwrites that

  • De_After said:

    I installed this a while ago and it worked but now it does not work when i have it enabled it just crashes whenever i change gender to female my game just crashes im not sure why but when i disable all of my addons it still crashes no matter what only when i have this addon enabled

  • De_After said:

    I have this mod and all the required stuff but everytime i choose female in the race menu my game just instantly closes

  • robton said:

    every armor should be there. if not it will be back in the TMBE version when that arrives

  • nixy said:

    u lost thief armour in archive

  • robton said:

    Check out amidianborn – Book of Silence

  • drewros2142 said:

    Hello Robton! I noticed the elven armor in your images is almost black, whereas the vanilla color is more of a bronze. Your mod changed the shape of the armor for me, but not the color. Did you have a different mod for the color?

  • Thai2142 said:

    Hello! Super awesome mod! 🙂 I have the SSE version that was ported, and it seems to have just about everything except for the Variant version of the Dark Brotherhood armor. It still has the vanilla and Spice Gear version though. Am I missing something?

  • robton said:

    I need more info than that, but it should work fine. I suggest to try asking on the nexus forums or LL or something.

  • STORM said:

    mod organizer error gives what should i do??

  • robton said:

    No worries

  • Gabi Alex said:

    Nevermind, I found it, I was a bit distracted by the recommended mods links.

  • Gabi Alex said:

    Excuse my stupidity and blindness, but I can’t find the download link for the Oldrim version. I’m interested in the vanilla shape armors.

  • Trần Văn Hùng said:

    Sorry for my request but have you any link on google drive? I have to spent 6 hours to download it.

  • robton said:

    Admins are reviewing it for permissions, the guy who maintains the SSE version is working on gathering separate permissions for SSE and for use on Nexus.

  • John said:

    What happened to the SE port? I clicked the link but it says the file is under moderation :/

  • robton said:

    Looks really nice 🙂

  • Qwinn said:

    All set! Please let me know what you think.

  • Qwinn said:

    Awesome, thank you! I’ll get right to work on the port then. I’ll build the USSEP patch right into the installer (I’ll leave a non-USSEP version as an option for people who want to try to use it with Skyrim VR). I’ll post a link to the Nexus page for the port here when it’s ready.

  • robton said:

    Sure, I don’t mind if you do a patch, you can even do a port if you give credit to everyone I listed 🙂

  • Qwinn said:

    This is already compatible with HDT SMP. Download the UUNP default config files from loverslab, then edit the defaultBBPs.xml file and modify ‘shape=”UUNP”‘ to ‘shape=”TMB”‘.

    This mod (TMB VA&C) does work quite well with USSEP once you’ve opitmized the meshes, I’ve been using it for about 6 months, but there is room for a USSEP patch. Robton, I already have a compendium of patches on Nexus ( , would you mind if I added a TMB-USSEP patch to it? Heck I’d even do a full SSE port if you allowed it. Best armor and clothes replacer ever.

  • robton said:

    If/when I find out how to do that, then sure

  • divaneam said:

    Hey, is it possible there’s a HDT SMP (sse hdt) version in the future?

  • robton said:

    Yes, in time

  • hdd said:

    Will this be updated to the TMBE forms?

  • AeRk said:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I can confirm that this mod does work with SE without the need to edit the plugin too.

  • robton said:

    Some people say it does, but I haven’t tested it myself. Only one way for you to find out.

  • AeRk said:

    Do this mod work with Skyrim SSE?

  • robton said:

    Did you install the required skeleton first? if you did it’s most likely another mod that’s causing it to crash

  • Gerardo said:

    i installed the mod and now my game crahes when i open it and hit load

  • robton said:

    I don’t have an xbox, so I can’t port and test it. Anyone who is willing to do it have my permission. Just credit.

  • Preston said:

    Hi there. I was looking at your armors and they look really cool. I was wondering if you would be willing to port them over to xbox so that us lowly console players could appreciate them as well. Thank you for your time

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