Ursine Armor Pack UNPRT

Author: Robton | Posted: 18th June 2015 | Posted in: Skyrim, UNPRT

All credit goes to DeserterX/NSK13

Credit for Screenshots goes to Charismatic Firefly, Arendellaverse and wcl468.

BBP Support

Weightslider Support

Requires the Ursine Armor Pack for UNP to work.

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  • _N0VA_ says:

    Hello!I’m trying to comprehend all of the items on the first several screenshots, from the looks of it, there’s some furs and barbarian armor pieces but i have no idea. If someone could help me replicate this i’d be very grateful.

  • KIN says:


  • Nalier says:

    Is this Ursine Armor on every picture? Some armor parts look different.

    • Nalier says:

      I mean, I’d love to have an armor and body as shown in the very first screen shot…

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