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This is my custom body made with UUNP to give my main character the look I always envisioned for her. The body is designed for a fit/muscular character, while pushing the boundaries for realistic breast proportions for such a physique, hence the name: Fantasy Fitness. It features; larger arms, shoulders, legs, torso, hips, and butt, with a slimmer belly and natural looking breasts.


This new version resolves an issue with the warping of the normal map in the ab region caused by the 7B body I used as a base. I supplemented it with a mix of other sliders to achieve the desired look. Then I worked to give it better overall proportions by; broadening the shoulders, tightening the stomach, slightly enlarging the butt, and expanding the chest for larger looking pecs while maintaining the trademark breast size.


Preset has better proportions overall, and has a more muscular shape that is further complimented by using muscular normal maps. Your girl will look much like She-Hulk now.

Only Bodyslide presets for the clothed/nude body are included. You will need to build the body yourself.

This body requires this skeleton and is usable with ALL UNP compatible skin textures.



NMM or MO: Overwrite(not replace) with my files.

Manual: Open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.


NMM or MO: Reverse the installation process.

Manual: Delete the files you added, check the archive to know which ones.


18.5.2017 – Update to V1.2

07.7.2016 – Update to V1.1

02.8.2015 – Initial Release


Dimon99 for UNP
Cell/Ousnius and BringTheNoise for Unified UNP Project
Caliente for Bodyslide


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  • Llorwean says:

    Hi and congratulations/thanks for this absolutely gorgeous body!

    But I’m afraid the current download (v1.2) doesn’t include the meshes, only the presets there if I’m not mistaken.

    Thanks again, cheers!

    • Kaos Wulf Kaos Wulf says:

      That was my intention; the body will have to be built in Bodyslide now. The description has been changed to reflect the updates. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • Arthur says:

    Hello, nice sexy body, love the feet ! But i can’t download the mod realistic force, for the XP32.

    • Kaos Wulf Kaos Wulf says:

      You need to change your load order for that to work. I haven’t had any issues using that mod with HDT and XP32 Extended.

  • Jetta says:

    Wow this is really really awesome. I love the muscle texture on the screenshot. What UNP textures is that?

  • Didier Pasbecq says:

    I ‘m just decouvert ur body it is a very good job
    i read all of that it was said about it then i try to change something with all the slider in racemenu but nothing change the body
    an idea?
    read u soon

    • Kaos Wulf Kaos Wulf says:

      It only works for Bodyslide outside of the game. I did not include the RM files, because I am satisfied with how it looks. The slider data was added so users to convert armors for their self, and this allows them to modify the body if they wish to.

  • Dee says:

    Amazing job Kao!!!!! :D


  • GeneralCross says:

    Are there any options where i can change the breast and butt scale in the racemenu?

    • Kaos Wulf says:

      No, but I updated it to include my bodyslide preset. You will have to change it outside of the game.

    • GeneralCross says:

      Yeah only problem is i can’t open it in bodyslide… any idea why?

    • Kaos Wulf says:

      1 – You’re using CBBE Bodyslide when this is an UUNP preset.
      2 – You didn’t place the preset in the right folder.
      3 – Your Bodyslide isn’t up to date.

      If it’s not one of those, then I don’t know.

    • JDG973 says:

      Is there any chance of providing a bodyslide preset for the Push-Up version of this body? I don’t know if this was intentional or not, since the TMB body has one for it’s presets.

    • Kaos Wulf says:

      The Push-Up version has been scrapped; it didn’t have enough cleavage. You can easily make one yourself by maxing out the cleavage and push-up sliders, or for better results, decrease the 7B slider then increase the 7B Cleavage slider along with the two I mentioned before.

  • Chaz says:

    Love the alternative body mods you do, any plans to do more followers with each of your body mods like Leijona in future?

    • Robton Robton says:

      Not as of now, and I don’t think kaos-wulf is either. But it’s impossible that it will happen again.

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  • Drazoor says:

    Congrats,Amazing body *_*! Waiting for conversions.

  • player001 says:

    Can you also upload the bodyslide preset so its easier to create armors for this?

    • Kaos Wulf says:

      I do not want anyone modifying my preset or claiming it as their own. Conversions will be done by myself and along with another supporter.

    • Fubar says:

      I understand your concern completely, but there is no way you could ever even come close to converting the amount of items that a body slide preset would do. Is their any possibility that you will rethink this? Again, I completely understand your concern about people trying to pass off the mod as their own. I just think for the sake of converting armors on our own, releasing a preset is the best way to go.

    • Kaos Wulf says:

      I did not intend to release the body in the first place; it was only made for one of my characters. A few friends of mine tried it out and liked it, so I decided to upload it as is. It would be in your best interest to learn 3d modeling software the same as I did. A program like Outfit Studio is not future proof from upcoming games and doesn’t provide as good results as say, 3ds Max can.

    • Fubar says:

      I understand completely and I really do respect your decision. I hope I didn’t come off as “demanding” a release of this. It is just such a nice preset, I was hoping to use it in skyrim with my current mod list. Unfortunately, I have no desire to learn 3d modeling (a skill I might use once or twice) so I guess I’ll just wait and check out some of the conversions you release.

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