TMBE – Tiddy McButt Body Enhanced

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TMBE – Tiddy McButt Body Enhanced is a successor to my previous bodymod TMB – Tiddy Mcbutt. This was created because I wasn’t happy with some parts of TMB, and to mostly get out of doing proper weight slider support. I ever only used the max weight on TMB anyways, so this body is identical on 0 and 100 weight except for the wrists, the bottom of the legs and the neck. This is to not have huge seams when wearing armors with other bodies attached.

This is an UNP based body, and is compatible with the UNP UV map (so you need UNP compatible body textures, not CBBE). This is a female body replacer, so it’s doing the same exact thing and edits the exact same files as any other body mod like UNP, 7B or CBBE, so they are NOT compatible. You can use armor replacers for ANY other UNP BASED body, but this mod does not edit the body in those armors, that’s not how the armor equipping system in Skyrim works. You will have to find a conversion for that exact armor you want, if you don’t know how to do that or that didn’t make any sense, this is NOT the bodymod for you. Also, since this body has been edited using advanced 3D software, it’s no longer bodyslide compatible.

The goal with this body is to hit the sweetspot between the two popular bodytypes UNPB and SevenBase/7B, with a touch of what “in my opinion”are fitting body for MY Skyrim setup. 

This body mod requires this skeleton, and is ONLY usable with UNP compatible skin textures.

I have also added a Hi-poly version of the body, it has 27008 vertices instead of UUNP’s regular 6850. Needless to say you need a good pc for this. Also added conversion resources for those who wanna convert armors for the body themselves.




Install with your favored mod manager, or open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.

And once you got a UNP compatible body texture and a HDT compatible skeleton, you should be all set.



Reverse the installation process.


Recommended Mods:

High poly hands and feet V4  by Halofarm



Special thanks goes to Dimon99 for UNP and Caliente for CBBE, which led to the creation of Bodyslide/UUNP. Which is managed by Ousnius/Cell.


Regular Version:

High-poly Version:

Nevernude Version:

High-poly Nevernude Version:

Converting Resources:


  • Geraint said:

    Hi there, this looks like the most amazing and lifelike body mod I’ve ever seen for a game – kudos for your incredible work!
    I have a question (hopefully not too stupid – I have no 3D modelling skills, though I’ve been trying to learn Blender in my spare time, I’ve been struggling with even the basics!).
    Basically, if I use TMBE in conjunction with armours fit for the standard UNP body, will it cause problems with my game, or will it just show up in a different shape?
    For example, if I put on an armour from Immersive Armours, fitted for UNP, will it just show up in the standard UNP shape instead of TMBE shape, or will it crash my Skyrim? If the worst consequence is that the shape will be off, I can live with that. I love that there are already plenty of armours converted for TMBE, though there are plenty more that I would like to use that have only been converted to UNP. I lack the skills to convert them for TMBE and I’ve been unable to find any useful tutorials for it either.
    Thanks, and thanks for sharing your awesome work with the world! It must have been a real labour of love 😀

  • robton said:

    no, sorry

  • Zenivo said:

    Hey, I checked your FAQ, and it only said that you used Racemenu for your character’s face, but I was wondering if you’re willing to share the preset for your character (so not a follower or anything). To be clear I mean this character:

  • robton said:

    “since this body has been edited using advanced 3D software, it’s no longer bodyslide compatible.”

    They don’t exist, so it won’t happen.

  • Gradash said:

    Hey Robton, could you post the bodyslide conversion files to we be able to convert other armors to your body mod?

  • robton said:

    There is an official SSE port on nexus

  • SlackerD said:

    Will this body work with Skyrim SE, or is it for the 32 bit Skyrim only?

  • robton said:

    thanks, but as previously mentioned , there’s no bodyslide files, since idk how to make them. Your best chance is to learn to use 3d software like 3ds max, maya or blender. with the help of many guides out there.

  • Dan Rowe said:

    I cant get enough of your TMBE how can i make conversions of other Mods for SSE? Is there a bodyslide slider for it? many thanks for this.

  • robton said:

    Simply cause I don’t know how to make them.

  • River said:

    Why no bodyslide files ?

  • coldsun1187 said:

    Oh damn, I didn’t see the reply! Its in the FAQ. Sorry Robton. This is amazing work I love it.

  • coldsun1187 said:

    I have the same question is Jericho. Which body texture is used in your screenshots?

  • robton said:

    Thank you 🙂

  • LiveFree said:

    I was never big fan of nudity in games and always struggle to keep the vanilla feeling as much as possible. but after trying this one i can’t really turn this down, this particular body model is really well crafted in comparision the ones i’ve seen and tried in the past. A must have for me now. Thank you for sharing your amazing work robton!

  • robton said:

    It’s all listed in the FaQ dude 😉

  • Jericho said:

    Curious which skin texture you use for those showcase images.

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