TMB – Tiddy McButt Body

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Discontinued, check out TMBE here!

Here’s how the name was made, not changing it. This is a female body replacer, the goal with this body is to hit the sweetspot between the two popular bodytypes UNPB and SevenBase/7B, with a touch of what “in my opinion” are realistic looking breasts. The main difference between this and my previous UNPRT, is the refined butt and hips.

This body compared to my previous bodies, are set up to be easily installable with your favorite mod manager. And it requires this skeleton. This body is usable with ALL UNP compatible skin textures.




Install with your favored mod manager, or open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.

And once you got a UNP compatible body texture and a HDT compatible skeleton, you should be all set.



Reverse the installation process.



Special thanks goes to Dimon99 for UNP and Caliente for CBBE, which led to the creation of Bodyslide/UUNP. Which is managed by Ousnius/Cell.

Also Charismatic Firefly, FaeofthewoodKaos Wulf, kuraiko, kalilies and Shock for their continuous help and support.



Converting Resources:


Bodyslide Files:

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