TERA Sea Rover Armor UNPRT

Author: Robton | Posted: 18th July 2015 | Posted in: Skyrim, UNPRT

All credit goes to asianboy345 and En Masse Entertainment.

Thanks to Kynarreth and Charismaticfirefly for almost all the screenshots.

I only converted this armor from the pack, and have no interest in converting the rest.

NO BBP Support

Weightslider Support

Requires the TERA Armor Collection for Skyrim to work.

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  • dydyQ says:

    beautiful face (blonde girl) You sent it to me please?

  • llama says:

    so odd. i get no jiggle. i have hdt, along with bbp and tbbp animations. all those types of bodies and clothes work for me. i’ve used all the bodies on this site and all have physics. basically this is the only outfit that does not have jiggle. i don’t think it’s on my end

    • Robton Robton says:

      oups… sorry, forgot that this outfit don’t have any physics support. I didn’t care enough at the time :/

  • Mushi_Doshi says:

    Ok i have a few questions

    1. How do you get the bottles to pose like that in your charcaters hands?
    2. What Enb do you use pleas

    and last i love your clothing mods, makes me jelly lol

    • Robton Robton says:

      That is Kynarreth’s screenshot, so I’m not 100% sure on the ENB, but I think it’s one of the K ENB’s. And to get the bottles to pose like that you can use either “Jaxons Positioner” to place them yourself, or one of the poses who includes the bottles in Gomapero’s newest pose pack.

    • Mushi_Doshi says:

      Thank you so much, never could figure out how to pose
      objects like that :D

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