Suggestions go here!

I accept suggestions (NOT REQUESTS) for mods that you guys might think would make a good conversion for the TMB Body (That’s the body I mod for, for suggestions towards bodies by other authors, I suggest contacting them by other means).

I also accept some mods anyone might want put up over here, away from Nexus’ rules. Just send me the files and I decide for myself if it fits this site. I however give little to no access at all for editing the mod page yourself, so keep that in mind.

*IMPORTANT* I take the liberty to say NO to an uploaded mod if I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit the site. I also remind you that suggestions are not the same as requests, making a suggestion will NOT guarantee that it will be a conversion on it at all. I will decide if it’s worth it or not for me. I also don’t accept stolen mods, so please don’t submit work that isn’t yours.


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