RT Minidress 1

Author: robton | Category: My Mods,Skyrim

The RT Minidress 1 is a quick project I did. I might make more of these, which is I added the 1 at the end of the name. It uses the TMBE Body and comes in 4 texture variants. It has kinda crappy UV maps and stuff since it was a quick project.

This mod has TBBP Support and Weightslider Support. TBBP needs a compatible skeleton, like XPMSE.

To get the stuff in-game, use the AdditemMenu mod.




NMM or MO: Install using the archive with the mod manager of your choice.

Manual: Open the file with your favourite archive manager(Winrar, 7zip, etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.



Reverse the installation process.

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