Nezzar’s Lingerie Collection – TMB

Author: Robton | Posted: 17th March 2016 | Posted in: Skyrim, Tiddy McButt


TMBE version here

Requires the original mod to work. This conversion has TBBP Support and Weightslider Support. TBBP needs a compatible skeleton, like XPMSE.

This conversion is for the TMB Body, and requires either that or any other UNP BASED body and body texture to work properly.

To get the stuff in-game, go to the market in Whiterun. Then grab everything from the new chest located there.



Install the original mod and it’s requirements

NMM or MO: Overwrite(not replace) with my files.

Manual: Open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.


NMM or MO: Reverse the installation process.

Manual: Delete the files you added, check the archive to know which ones.


17.03.16 – Updated to TMB V4

06.02.16 – Updated to TMB V3




Happy New Year Everyone ;)

5 Comments on:

  • Zoe Rosser says:

    omg your characters look amazing, i wish i knew how to make such cute/sexy characters.

    • Robton Robton says:

      I recommend a hair mod, good textures (I recommend SG), racemenu and spending weeks on perfecting the face (…literally).

      I wish you luck, also looking at references(pictures of women or other skyrim characters) while making the character is good help.

  • Vendayn says:

    Looks really nice :D

  • Dee says:

    Thanks for the conversion and happy new years to you too :)

  • sniperdoc says:

    Same to you! :)

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