Leijona – Standalone Follower

Author: Charismatic Firefly | Posted: 16th May 2015 | Posted in: CharismaticFirefly, Skyrim


Leijona is a wandering warrior in need of a travelling companion. She’s a barbarian who specializes in two-handed weaponry who awaits you at Gjukar’s Monument, the towering obelisk in the western plains of Whiterun Hold, near Rorikstead.

She is a highly personalized follower, and comes complete with a custom body and skeleton, skin textures, armor mashup and weapons, all made especially for her, and unavailable anywhere else.

I could describe her character for pages, but fortunately I don’t need to; her inventory contains three volumes of her backstory, which you’re more than welcome to read if you’d like to know more about Leijona’s character, personality and storyline.

Name: Leijona, daughter of Rhaegar, Maiden of the Desert and Lion of the Snow.

Body: 7BRT

Default Armor: Custom

Textures: Custom

Default Weapons: Dragonbone Bow and Battleaxe

Class: Barbarian

Location: Gjukars Monument, Whiterun Hold (somewhere between Whiterun and Rorikstead)

Special Features: Included backstory divided over 3 in-game books found in her inventory, all her equipment and gear (+ a few other things) resembles that said story.

And please don’t try to change her body or textures, she was designed after those she have now. If you change them she won’t look right.

Dawnguard DLC is required.



NMM or MO: Install using the installer I made. Easy-peasy.


NMM or MO: Reverse the installation process.


aMidianBorn Book of Silence is recommended for the armor to look right.


13.9.2015 – Initial release


Also thanks to the original authors of many of the used meshes and textures to allow us to use and base our work on yours.

Specially Seren4xx for his SRG Bodytextures and Kalilies, Shocky and Stealthic for KS Hairdo’s.

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  • Satyrial.1 says:

    She looks great, Love all those scars.
    To tell you more, i didn’t even had to redress her somehow, because the composition of the suit, scars and shapes looks perfect.

    Actually eveything you do is awesome, i am using almost all the mods you’ve released, but i have one thing to ask: “what can cause the feet bug in some halo’s poses? http://imageshack.com/a/img923/8357/L7apYh.png

  • Takeyuki says:

    Drem Yol Lok. I play on a Mac and had to manually install all of the mods to get this follower to work; Leijona was worth every second. Thank you for putting so much work into her and Fenne.

  • GeneralCross says:

    Where are the tattoos from? I searched for them but couldn’t find them.

  • Benhaz says:

    Is there a SFW version (No boobs show?)

  • Khry says:

    Why does my download stop before it is finished? do you have an alternative link for the download?

    • Robton Robton says:

      Most likely your internet connection who is shitty, or the server is having hiccups. Try again in a little while

    • Khry says:

      Ok i’ve solved the problem.
      Beautyfull Mod ;)

    • Zedric says:

      The same happens to me, It’s downloading until 35 to 50 MB (more or less) as if it had downloaded completely.
      The file claims to have 135 MB…

    • Zedric says:

      The same happens with Fjora; but I found a way to solve it, Using my cell phone to download it.
      Connect the cell with PC and transfer the file.

      For some reason on my phone it takes about 10 minutes; on the PC it would take about 1 hour.
      The strange thing is that my PC is connected directly; the cell use WiFi.
      I write it here in case someone else happens the same…

      Anyway, Thanks!

  • phalic_object says:

    I decided to give Leijona and Fenne a look and boy am I glad I did. Rossa is my honeypot but Leijona is a very, very close second, maybe even equal. Love the back story. Nice to have a follower with a history for why and who she is. Dolls with no depth or character anybody can make. Oh and damn she got some nice features:P

    A keeper all right. Thanx

  • Simon says:

    I would like to learn to be Follower like your but I do not find no Tutorials as you grapple with Body: 7BRT Please you would be able to put one Tutorials, Wit and forgive for my bad English

  • Reynard says:

    I have hardly ever encountered a follower mod with a background story as true to lore and fascinating as this one. Plus she has an outstandingly unique appearance. I wish every follower would be as thoroughly and in-depth designed as Leijona.

  • CHIRAL says:

    umm, i just start playing skyrim,and i just install this mod,no other mod installed, but game crashes as i walk near to the Gjukars Monument. i also installed all 3 DLC by bethesda

  • Atris says:

    First of all: Thank you.
    Second: Sorry about my english.

    I Like a lot this follower. I hope you don’t mind if in this season I put on her a fur mantle and a couple of things more. I promise at home or the sunny days, let her decide what she wants to wear.
    And when she will relax at the sauna, I promise save a little time to read their 3 books about her.

    I supose you are busy gaming and moding fallout4, but I can’t sesist to ask if there is a project of another skyrim follower on your mind.

    Thank you again for your work and time.

    • Robton Robton says:

      No problem, good to hear she is in good hands.

      Me and CharismaticFirefly are planning and update on Leijona actually, with a new body and new armor to wear. Also we are almost done with another follower who will hopefully see the light of day soon.

    • Atris says:

      Thank you one more time Robton to you, and to Kaos Wulf. To me, your work with 7BRT, BAMFTNA and UNPFF are very close to Frazetta’s kind of woman. Don’t be afraid or shame to share your work in progress because I’m sure I’m not the only one that would enjoy follow the little steps you do every week or every two weeks (always if you consider convenient to show it, of course).

      Cheer up!

    • Robton Robton says:

      Thanks, stay tuned for new mods and conversions. As well for some overdue cleaning up around the site ;)

  • Hallark says:

    -i don’t know why but she gives me CTD sometimes and when i make her follow me i can not fast travel nor walk away from her location. In fast travel the loading screen becomes infinite or CTD, when i walk with her after some time it becomes CTD or screen freezes.

    Anyone experienced that?

    I would really love to have her as a follower but that bug i experience is really grinding my gears and i have no solution to it because i don’t even know what the problem is.

  • sniperdoc says:

    Nice friggin’ job! Btw… I just bought Dawnguard just because of this follower. So, I’m looking at MidianBorn’s stuff… which package in particular do I need? From what I’m seeing, there’s no Dragonbone armor in the armor pack? I’m downloading the Unique items pack now…

    • Robton Robton says:

      the dragonbone textures needed for this follower are included. But as for the amidianBorn stuff, get the whole thing, totally recommended. But for this follower, the fur textures is why we recommend it.

  • Unknown Z says:

    Hello Robton,
    May I know, what PC is needed to have her with you? And will their be other barbarian female followers? Because im loving her in the screenshots and yes I did download her already because shes unique, so going to check her out in-game, as to that thank you.

    By the way, will their be other race’s like female Orc, khajiit, and other barbarian followers? Not just only nord’s? Still i don’t mind if its only for nord’s im going to love it anyways. I have a fetish for barbarian females for some reason hahahaha.

  • Sayonara says:

    Most of all I like, but alas, it is impossible to play. In an open world falls terribly FPS, when twist the camera and running away with her. ENB disables – the same situation. Need optimization.

    • Robton Robton says:

      Opimize the mod yourself, or get a better computer. That’s all I have to say.

    • Sayonara says:

      can you have 2k body textures? my PC – 12 ddr3 memory, asus gtx 970

  • Hazel says:

    Gonna give her a try in my latest mod setup.

    Tell me, is she custom voiced at all and, if not, thought about giving her one?

    • Robton Robton says:

      No, she doesn’t have custom voice acting. And that will most likely not be a feature either, none of us have the knowledge or free time to do that.

      So if anyone is interested in doing that for us, feel free to contact us ;)

    • Hazel says:

      Shame I’m not a chick, or I’d offer myself.

      Only advice I could give if you were serious about it would be reach out to any online VA sites or groups. Some are bo doubt professionals but some may do it for free depending on how big you want to go. There might even be some hanging around on the Nexus or on some of the big voiced follower mods like interesting NPC’s.

      As for actually implementing the voice, yet again, ask other modders who have done this before.

      Sorry if all this is obvious. It’s just what I would do in your shoes.

      Good luck and I can’t wait to find her and read her back story.

  • DaXmAn says:

    She is so damn beautiful. I love her look.

  • wapitawg says:

    IDK what’s happening, but I experience heavy stuttering when Leijona is around. It never happend before, even though I’ve been using some really huge textures. I can play with Leijona as follower only if my graphing settings are set to the lowest possible. Is that normal?

    • wapitawg says:

      And we’re talking about clean installation, no unecessary graphic mods. Leijona works only on min. settings.

    • Robton Robton says:

      She works for everyone else, so I don’t have a clue…

    • 75,I says:

      She has high res visuals so are you sure your card is enough? I use min settings too, but then I don’t see much a difference in using high and low settings with the 2k graphic mods. Only with vanilla.

  • Mitch says:

    Sadly, I’m not really feeling the latest changes to her. Her face says 20’s but her boobs say 50..:/
    Is there a less saggy version ? I know that firefly’s prev model of her, at least in the screenshots, looked much more “symmetrical”…then again, this is just my opinion.

    • Robton Robton says:

      This is how she is, if you read the included story everything adds up. If you don’t like it, just don’t download her. Nobody’s forcing you.

    • gamepappy says:

      u just haven’t been around the hole block ! in rl 25 years old have tits just like that ,,,,sh–t i meet 18 year old that look just like that ,,,,lmao
      you need to get out more pal,,,smile and winks.

  • Dallx says:

    for some reason, her body uses my female textures and not her own custom ones, so it looks weird. any idea how to fix that? thanks.

    • Robton Robton says:

      That doesn’t happen in my game, have you tried redownloading her?

  • Wei says:

    Thank you very much to you and Charismatic Firefly for sharing Leijona! Will be adding more ss of Leijona to my tumblr.

  • Troubled says:

    I’m loving the 7BRT body
    Can’t wait till you make some armor conversions.
    I was wondering if you could convert the armor on Leijona so I could use it on my character as well?

    • Robton Robton says:

      Leijona’s armor is already using the 7brt body, you can obtain it by console, or the additemmenu mod…

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