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Leijona is a wandering warrior in need of a travelling companion. She’s a barbarian who specializes in two-handed weaponry who awaits you at Gjukar’s Monument, the towering obelisk in the western plains of Whiterun Hold, near Rorikstead.

She is a highly personalized follower, and comes complete with a custom body and skeleton, skin textures, armor mashup and weapons, all made especially for her, and unavailable anywhere else.

I could describe her character for pages, but fortunately I don’t need to; her inventory contains three volumes of her backstory, which you’re more than welcome to read if you’d like to know more about Leijona’s character, personality and story line.



Name: Leijona, daughter of Rhaegar, Maiden of the Desert and Lion of the Snow.

Body: 7BRT

Default Armor: Custom

Textures: Custom

Default Weapons: Dragonbone Bow and Battleaxe

Class: Barbarian

Location: Gjukars Monument, Whiterun Hold (somewhere between Whiterun and Rorikstead)

Special Features: Included backstory divided over 3 in-game books found in her inventory, all her equipment and gear (+ a few other things) resembles that said story.

And please don’t try to change her body or textures, she was designed after those she have now. If you change them she won’t look right.

Dawnguard DLC is required.



NMM or MO: Install using the archive with the mod manager of your choice.

Manual: Open the file with your favourite archive manager(Winrar, 7zip, etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.



Reverse the installation process.


Recommended mods:

aMidianBorn Book of Silence is recommended for the armor to look right.



thanks to the original authors of many of the used meshes and textures to allow us to use and base our work on yours.

Specially Seren4xx for his SRG Bodytextures and KaliliesShocky and Stealthic for KS Hairdo’s.



  • iz121 said:

    Drem yol lok

    Awesome follower, man. Its always neat to see a character that actually has some backstory.

  • robton said:

    I don’t think so,
    I made this follower a long time ago. I might fix that if i decide to update her sometime

  • RBMS said:

    Hello Robton, good job with this follower, really nice. But I was wondering, can I upgrade/temper her gear without messing around in the Creation Kit? Thanks!

  • robton said:

    thanks 🙂

  • Jessica said:

    She’s so pretty and her story is so cool.

  • robton said:

    Thank you!

  • Catkong80 said:

    Here you go folks! Shes such a doll i thought id try converting her! (to SE not a religion) DOWNLOAD

  • Leroy Jenkings said:

    i love this follower but saddly her body type is not the same when installed on my game she has a different body then other followers but it lacks… the thicc ness from the screen shot how do i get that same perfect thickness in game

  • robton said:

    I don’t use SSE so idk, you could try and ask Qwinn on nexus if he maybe can make a patch. He’s a nice guy

  • Zachary Freshwater said:

    do your followers work in SSE?

  • Usurper said:

    is there an SSE version of Leijona?

  • robton said:

    No, they are essential for the character. She is who she is.

  • m107a1 said:

    Is there nonwet/no pube textures?

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