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KS Cazy Hairs are hairs made by Cazy converted to Skyrim and is not included with KS Hairdos.

Please use the “Showracemenu Precache Killer” (requires SKSE!) so your game won’t crash or freeze upon entering the race menu.
It is also recommended to use “RaceMenu” so you can see the names of the hairstyles.




Download the main file with your favorite mod manager.

Activate the mod.

Open the console by pressing ` and type “ShowRaceMenu”. You can go through the hairstyles this way or you can create a new game.

If you choose to manually install the mod:

Download the main file and extract the archive.

Paste the Data folder in your Skyrim directory. Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim

Open the SkyrimLauncher.exe and press “DataFiles” and make sure “KS Cazy Hair.esp” is ticked.



Uninstall the main file with your favorite mod manager.

If you choose to manually uninstall the mod:

Delete the .esp file and “\meshes\KS Cazy Hair” and “textures\KS Cazy Hair” from your data folder.



You are free to use assets from this file for any non-profit mods.

However, you are not allowed to use any assets from this file in any

mods/files that are being sold for money on Steam Workshop or other platforms.


Tools used:

3dsMax 2012, NifSkope, Creation Kit, Gimp 2.8, TSR Workshop, Photoshop CS5, S4S and Blender



The creator of the original meshes: Cazy



Q: My game freezes when I want to edit my character, why does this happen?
A: Use the Showracemenu Precache Killer.

Q: I do have the Showracemenu Precache installed, I still have the same issue though, why?
A: Get SKSE.

Q: How do I change my character’s hair?
A: Open the console and type in “showracemenu”, then close the console (remember to not change your race, or else your skills and perks will be reset!).
Alternatively, you can go to the Ragged Flagon and speak to the Face Sculptor (requires Dawnguard DLC)

Q: Does this work with other hair packs?
A: Yes.


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