How to Change Hair Color on “Rob’s Hoods with Hair”

Author: robton | Category: Skyrim,Tutorials

Here’s how to change the Hair color on my “Rob’s Hoods with Hair” Mods

1: Open the game, open the showracemenu, and go to the Hair tab.

2: Open the color wheel AFTER you have selected the hair color you want.

3: Remember/Write down the R, G and B numbers.

4: Close the game.

5: Open the .nif file for the hood in NifSkope

6: Go to groupname(this name may wary…) and then click BSLightingShaderProperty.

7: Scroll down to “Hair Tint Color” and doubleclick the number next to the color wheel.

8: Replace the numbers with the RGB codes you remember/wrote down earlier.

9: Repeat step 6 to 8 for “groupnameHL” as well.

10: Save



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