How To Bodyslide/UUNP!

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This is a short guide on how to use Bodyslide/UUNP to convert a supported armor set to your preferred body preset.

Start by getting the latest version of Bodyslide 2/Outfit Studio

Then either use Bodyslide to make your own preset, or use the presets of preinstalled popular bodies, or download presets others have released like my TMB body or KaosWulf’s UNPFF body

If you download those you need to extract the presets to the right folder. IO inside the CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets folder.

Then download and install a Bodyslide/UUNP compatible armor set like KaosWulf’s files for the Dragonbone Barbarian or Gamefever’s Merta Black Rose (Note: the Bodyslide/UUNP files aren’t always localized on the same page as the armor itself)

Then select the first related item under the Outfit/Body Menu

Then select your preferred preset under the Preset Menu

Then press “Build”

Proceed to to this to all the related items under the Outfit/Body Menu.




NB! Some Bodyslide/UUNP slider files don’t give the desired results, the only way to deal with that is to do the work yourself in an more advanced 3D editor like 3DS Max or Blender. But this is an easy way for beginners to do it themselves.

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