Fox39 Lingeries – Standalone – TMBE

Author: robton | Category: Conversions,Skyrim

Fox39 Lingeries is a standalone mod. This conversion has TBBP Support and Weightslider Support. TBBP needs a compatible skeleton, like XPMSE.

This conversion is for the TMBE Body, and requires either that or any other UNP BASED body and body texture to work properly.

To get the stuff in-game, craft all pieces on any forge. Or use the console with the code: help “fox”. Then: player.additem XXXXXXXX 1 (replace the X’s with the code for the outfit you want). Or use the AddItemMenu mod.




Install with your favorite mod manager, or open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.



Reverse the installation process.




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