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Author: Charismatic Firefly | Posted: 22nd February 2016 | Posted in: CharismaticFirefly, Skyrim


Fenne is the Bard College’s cute half-elf resident, not afraid to charm you into submission with her cuteness and Flute skills.

I want to thank everyone for their patience through delay after delay. I was just about ready to give up on Fenne, but we made it work. Chances are, Fenne may well be the last follower I ever release for Skyrim, so treat her nice and have fun!

Name: Fenne

Body: Custom

Default Armor: Custom

Textures: Real Girls Textures

Default Weapons: None

Location: Bards College, Solitude

Special Features: Curvy body and a big booty.

Please don’t try to change her body or textures, she was designed after those she have now. If you change them she won’t look right.


by Charismatic Firefly

by Robton


NMM or MO: Overwrite(not replace) with my files.

Manual: Open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.


NMM or MO: Reverse the installation process.

Manual: Delete the files you added, check the archive to know which ones.


20.3.2016 – Initial release


Character design and creation by Charismatic Firefly, mesh editing and follower creation by Robton. Also a big thanks to CD Project Red for the armor, Oaristys for the permission to use the port, Seren for the use of textures, and the KS Crew for use of the hair.


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  • cantin nicolas says:

    Thank you for everything you made. You are my favorite modder for character. Please keep releasing some!
    Best regards

  • Arku says:

    She’s awesome! I hope you don’t stop releasing followers, they’re all very nice imo.

    • Robton Robton says:

      Thanks, we don’t have any more planned right now, but it’s not impossible we’ll release more

  • Gregory Pineda says:

    Is this body compatible with the TMB armors? She looks very close to the TMB body you released.

  • Mike says:

    Thanks so much for releasing this and I was just looking for a perfect follower earlier today! Right on time, Thank you for your work as well I really appreciate your talent!

  • osama.7 says:

    pleazzzzzzzzzzz were i can found my follower Fenne

  • ze2005 says:

    I don’t know what else to do, i tried everything i know to fix the neck and body mismatch, she is a really nice looking character but i just can’t get over the fact that the neck and body mesh don’t align with each other. :(

  • ze2005 says:

    Will she be updated? The body and the head don’t fit together, as seen in the pictures. Tried to change the weight through console comands, putting it at 100 the body and the head fit but the face gets turned into a default face

    • Robton Robton says:

      She is in her final state as far as I know, she works fine for both me and CharismaticFirefly. Sorry

    • Gregory Pineda says:

      Did you disable her and enable her after adjusting the body weight?

  • mookeylama says:

    holy wow! what an incredibly awesome and unique lady! does she have any AI that she uses at the bard’s college? actually play flute or anything?

    • Robton Robton says:

      Thanks, and nope, she don’t. She is just acting as any other basic standalone follower, just with her own unique appearance.

  • Urien says:

    If you start a section for follower mods don’t forget to create an endorse button or something for it as the followers you create are very unique, I use them in everyone of my builds of Skyrim when changing mods about. Hope you lot do the same for F4.

    • Robton Robton says:

      These followers are not really planned, and they rely heavily on Charismatic Firefly to actually make the character, and be happy with her in the end, which isn’t often. But never say never, maybe we’ll do another one someday, maybe even for Fallout ;)

  • dsetrer says:

    Robton , Thank you for time, the body that I utilize is compatible savebase with TBBP.

    I like your follower.

  • dsetrer says:

    Why you not roast an instruction manual to be npc follower, I am wet behind the ears and I have my CK died of laugh, me you would be desirable to be npc with the same body than your.

    • Robton Robton says:

      The body is included, just take it from the folders of the follower. It’s not recommended though, it’s not a supported bodytype.

      As for turning a follower into a character, that’s not how it works.

  • dsetrer says:

    Robton Why you not roast an instruction manual to be npc follower, I am wet behind the ears and I have my CK died of laugh, me you would be desirable to be npc with the same body than you.

    Forgive for my bad English

  • dsetrer says:

    I like it, it’s a pity that no being the follower

  • Drazoor says:

    Just amazing! Please Robton, share this body preset with us, congrats for another fantastic job :)

    • Robton Robton says:

      No chance, sorry. This body is one of a kind, and only exists in one weight setting. I already support a few bodies, I don’t plan on adding more to my plate. The body would also not look as good without the skeleton tweaks.

      The closest thing you could get would probably be the TMB body, or UNPFF.

  • She’s gorgeous! What’s her body type?

  • sniperdoc says:

    Nice lookin’ girl! :)

  • Diethardt says:

    Love this girl!! <3


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