Fenne – Standalone Follower

Author: CharismaticFirefly | Category: Guest Mods,Skyrim

Fenne is the Bard College’s cute half-elf resident, not afraid to charm you into submission with her cuteness and Flute skills.

I want to thank everyone for their patience through delay after delay. I was just about ready to give up on Fenne, but we made it work. Chances are, Fenne may well be the last follower I ever release for Skyrim, so treat her nice and have fun!

Name: Fenne

Body: Custom

Default Armor: Custom

Textures: Real Girls Textures

Default Weapons: None

Location: Bards College, Solitude

Special Features: Curvy body and a big booty.

Please don’t try to change her body or textures, she was designed after those she have now. If you change them she won’t look right.




NMM or MO: Install using the archive with the mod manager of your choice.

Manual: Open the file with your favourite archive manager(Winrar, 7zip, etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.



Reverse the installation process.



Character design and creation by me, mesh editing and follower creation by Robton. Also a big thanks to CD Project Red for the armor, Oaristys for the permission to use the port, Seren for the use of textures, and the KS Crew for use of the hair.


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