Do not under any circumstances, upload my mods to other pages. Not even Nexus, especially not Nexus.


If you want to use any part of my mods in your mod, contact me first. If you want to use any of my armor conversions in your mod, ask the original author of the armor. If it’s ok for them it’s ok for me.


I’ve been informed that some people have gotten strikes on their Nexus profiles by posting screenshots there with content from this site(most likely the Fallout ports), and by linking to this site there. So If you don’t want any strikes or in worst case scenario get banned on Nexus, I would advise you to not post screenshots of my ports or link to this site there.


-What ENB do you use? (Skyrim)

That varies, mostly I use DENB (not available) or Rudy ENB. Sometimes I use Grim and Somber ENB for the outdoor aesthetics.

-What mods do you use for your characters faces?


-What body textures do you use? (Skyrim)

A mildly modified version of SG Female Textures Renewal together with the normalmaps from @faeofthewood’s Springs Kiss textures V1 on Idun, Elania and Eline. Tine is the same only that she uses the normlamaps from Barbarian 2 by @architeuthisinfitialis.

-Can you make *character name here* into a follower?

Short answer: no. Long answer: I do have some followers, but I don’t share them publicly. I only share them with people who I trust and are friends with.