Celes Nightingale Armor UNPRT

Author: Robton | Posted: 30th July 2015 | Posted in: Skyrim, UNPRT

All credit goes to DeserterX/NSK13

BBP Support

Weightslider Support

Requires Celes Nightingale Armor for UNP to work.


You can get my personal edits to the textures here

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  • Dani dawson says:

    How’d you get permission to do this ? I am trying to contact nsk13 for permissions on a mod

    • Robton Robton says:

      I don’t know what he’s up to these days, but a long time ago I had a couple of UNPB and 7B conversions of his mods on nexus. And since the conversion was just a few modified meshes, and required the original mod to work, he was just fine with it.

      This is the case 99% of the time with conversions as long as it requires the original mod. No real reason to ask really.

      If your mod takes assets from the original mod, and doesn’t require the original mod, you SHOULD have proper permissions from the modder out of respect. If you can’t reach him, you should research what his descriptions and comment sections say, maybe you’ll find a similar answer there. Sorry I can’t be of more help

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