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Author: Robton | Posted: 03rd June 2016 | Posted in: Skyrim, Tiddy McButt


Requires Celes Nightingale Armor for UNP to work. This conversion has TBBP Support and Weightslider Support. TBBP needs a compatible skeleton, like XPMSE.

This conversion is for the TMB Body, and requires either that or any other UNP BASED body and body texture to work properly.

Like the original UNP version you’ll need HDT High Heels System, or else the game will crash.

To get the stuff in-game, go outside Sarethi Farm outside Riften. Then grab the crafting manual located there. When you got the manual in your inventory you’ll be able to craft all pieces on any forge. Make sure to have a lot of lockpicks.



Install the original mod and it’s requirements

NMM or MO: Overwrite(not replace) with my files.

Manual: Open the file with your favorite archive manager(Winrar,7zip,etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.


NMM or MO: Reverse the installation process.

Manual: Delete the files you added, check the archive to know which ones.


03.6.2016 – Initial Release


All credit goes to DeserterX/NSK13 for the Original Armor


You can get my personal edits to the textures here (Install after original mod and this coversion)

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  • tasedncrazed says:

    um… i tried installing this mod with both NMM and manually. in NMM i get the message “a problem occurred during install”. with manual extraction i get 2 messages from winrar. the first being “Checksum error in meshes/DX/MiniArmorsCollection/Armors/CelesNightingale/DX_MAC_Celes_0.nif. The file is corrupt” and the second being “unexpected end of archive”. any help with this would be MASSIVELY appreciated. thanks in advance, and sorry to be a bother.

    • Robton Robton says:

      Try to redownload it, seems to me that the download didn’t work properly or corrupted it. I just downloaded it myself and it seems fine to me.

  • LucasSaints says:

    Could you put the preset of this girl for download?

  • sniperdoc says:

    Wait what?!?! Bellybutton stud? HOW!? Where!?!? xD

    (As usual, amazing work in adjusting/porting and I just have to give gratitude that you’re doing all this work.)

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