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BAMFTNA Body, or Bad Ass Mother-Fuckin’ Tits ‘N Ass™ body. This preset was designed as a replacement for Robton’s now discontinued 7BRT body, and named in the same spirit as his TMB body. It packs a whole lot of woman with its thick and curvy features, which have been carefully proportioned with realism in mind. Some flushing of the face and nose bleeding may occur.

Includes optional HDT Support, HDT Vagina Support and Cleavage versions for conversions. Also Bodyslide Presets.

This body requires this skeleton and is usable with ALL UNP compatible skin textures.




NMM or MO: Install using the archive with the mod manager of your choice.

Manual: Open the file with your favourite archive manager(Winrar, 7zip, etc.). Extract the content to your Skyrim/data folder.



Reverse the installation process.



Special thanks goes to Dimon99 for UNP and Caliente for CBBE, which led to the creation of Bodyslide/UUNP. Which is managed by Ousnius/Cell.


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