2019 – The end of an era

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Hi, you guys might have noticed I haven’t been very active here or anywhere for the past 6-7 months. This is basically what I’ve been up to.

To make a long story short, right before school was about to start, I quit since I got an offer from my temp job because they needed me there full-time. Then, about a month later I found out I had a coupe of coworkers who haven’t been doing their jobs properly, they got a chance to walk before getting fired by the owner. Which meant I’ve spent the last 6 months fixing their mistakes and doing administrative shit I’m not qualified for really.

It has been tiring, and demotivating for things I used to do in my free time. This is still somewhat going on, but I’m starting to get a good amount of control over the situation.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on what I want to do, I think first of all I will continue at my job at least until summer again to see if it will lead somewhere, before going back to my last year at school. It’s a good paying gig after all. Also I want to improve my art, and actually establish an artstyle, since I can’t keep just making different each drawing. And I need to set limits on how far I’m willing to push that for a commission, since that makes commissions take too time consuming. Lately I’ve also been pushing to learn rendering as well as improving my 3D skills by moving to Blender. Which means I will be ditching 3ds Max and Maya.

Also I’ve been thinking about this last thing a lot. I have promised a lot that I will be doing an update to TMB Vanilla armors with better weights and the TMBE Body, that is still happening. BUT, after that I have decided that I will no longer be doing conversions. Maybe I do some for myself, but I won’t do releases. It’s too tiresome, and I’ve lost the spark.

Also, since tumblr’s death, I have decided to turn this website into my blog/safe haven for all my content (Skyrim, 3D and Art)


  • robton said:

    be my guest

  • Blasster said:

    Good luck, with your project.altough i will miss your content. Can i port your convesions and mods to SE and upload it to nexus?

  • robton said:

    The flickr link still works, and I haven’t switched out the twitter link, but it still exists @robtontweets (that’s where I’m most active nowadays). My tumblr blogs are gone tho, because of obvious reasons.

  • bbef said:

    i noticed that all your social medias except nexus have gone down. whats up with that?

  • DeathLoop36 said:

    I have always enjoyed your work. And continue to appreciate what you have done to make my escape from reality fun. Best of luck in all you do. I will miss the conversions.

  • arawn said:

    I love your mods, but well, everyone needs to follow his desire, never going against them.

    Thanks for everything!

  • rip said:

    yes, either way i appreciate the effort you have out in throughout the years. i hope whatever decision you make makes you happy, thank you! truly!

  • robton said:

    thanks for the reply. we’ll see what the future brings

  • rip said:

    even still, its sad news because i use a lot of your mods regularly. i personally dont really mind screenshots but thats not why i visit your website. even though u havent posted one in a while i still come here often to see if u have done any because i like your work and theres a few armors that i hoped u would do, but its fine. i dont understand why u wouldnt upload your conversions even if u go to the effort of making them but its okay. do whatever makes u happy 🙂

  • Rock&Rule said:

    Robton, thank you for all the hard work over the years! You made my adventures in LE fun.

    I wish you luck on your new job and pursuing a new set of skills for your art.

    Thank you!

    Also a quick thanks to Qwinn for the port to SE.

  • James said:

    You did great work, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • PdelSur said:

    I really like the TMBE body, would love to see the Vanilla armors ported to the TMBE body 🙂

  • robton said:

    It’s not like you’ve seen much work from me in the past 6 months. Also most people seems to just be interested in my screenshots anyway.

  • rip said:

    damn. gonna be a real shame that you’re no longer going to post your conversions. rip 🙁

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